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28.-29. February Project meeting Westerburg. Organizer: Prof. I. Wagner-Döbler, HZI





22.-23. September Project meeting Hamburg. Organizer: Prof. A.-P. Zeng, Technical University Hamburg-Harbug.

10.-11. March Project meeting Cuxhaven. Organizer: Dr. Andree Barg, Voco GmbH

24.-25. January MedSys-Koordinatorentreffen, Berlin. Organizer: Prof. Robert Preissner, Charité Berlin





29.-30. September Project meeting at the Technical University München, organizer: Prof. A. Kremling

1.-2. June Evaluation conference BMBF funding priority Medical Systems Biology, Freiburg

10.-11. March Project meeting at RWTH Aachen, organizer: Prof. Conrads & Prof. Apel 





December 14 - Invitation by Prof. Podbielski to Prof. Wagner-Döbler for a talk at the Institute of Medical Microbiology, Virology and Hygiene, Rostock, Germany

November 30 – December 1 - MedSys-Koordinatorentreffen, Dortmund. Organizer:  Prof. Sickmann, Institut for Analytic Sciences (ISAS) 

October 17 - Second BioInSys-Meeting, Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg 

October 15-17 - BioSys2009 International Conference Biosystems Analysis and Engineering, Hamburg 2009 www.biosys2009.de 

May 28 - Visit of Dr. Andreas Kremling, MPI Magdeburg, to HZI

May 12-15 - German Symposium on Systems Biology 2009, Heidelberg www.sysbio2009.de 

May 11-12 - MedSys Kickoff-Meeting, DKFZ, Heidelberg 

April 28 - Cooperation contract signed by all partners and effective from 1st February 2009 

April 27 - Visit of Prof. Wagner-Döbler and Michael Reck (HZI) to Voco GmbH, Cuxhaven

April 23 - 100 mg Carolacton purified by the Department of Microbial Drugs, HZI, from a fermenter of Sorangium cellulosum 

March 18 - Animal experiment (caries model rat) of Prof. Apel, Prof. Conrads, RWTH Aachen, approved by the Landesamt für Natur, Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz NRW

March 11 - European Patent Application EP 2033642A1 (filed 05.09.2007) published. Applicant: Helmholtz-Centre for Infection Research. Brigitte Kunze, Irene Wagner-Döbler, Herbert Irschik and Heinrich Steinmetz. Pharmaceutical composition effective against biofilms. 

February 24 - Visit of Dr. Andreas Kremling, MPI Magdeburg, to HZI

February 1 - Start of project 

January 29 - Internal Kickoff-Meeting, Helmholtz-Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig.

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