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Workpackages of the consortium


WP1 - Sequencing, comparative genomics and data integration (Sun/ Blöcker);
WP2 - Reverse engineering for reconstruction of regulatory network from functional genomic data (Zeng);
WP3 - Integrated and dynamic modeling of networks (Zeng);
WP4 - Dynamic modelling of CSP and quorum sensing (Kremling);
WP5 - Functional genomics and molecular biology of Streptococcus mutans UA159 (Wagner-Döbler);
WP6 - Biofilm modelling experiments (Wagner-Döbler);
WP7 - Proteomic and metabolic analyses (Wang, Zeng);
WP8 – Target expansion to a variety of S. mutans isolates and to other biofilm producing major pathogens (Conrads, Apel);
WP9 – Animal caries model and clinical aspects (Apel, Conrads);
WP10 –  Chemical synthesis and modification of Carolacton and other biofilm inhibitors (Schulz);
WP11 – Coupling Carolacton to dental care materials (Voco, Dr. Maletz, Dr. Barg).